Should the below still not answer your question please call us on 01638 570046 or email us.

Do I need to own a gun?

No you don’t need you own gun for sporting shooting or lessons as shotguns are provided. You are of course welcome to use your own if preferred.

For simulated game shoots your own gun is required. If you don’t have your own gun you can hire one of ours. If you are a beginner or a novice you will also need to have a tutor with you – please let us know when you make your booking.

Do I need a shotgun licence?

If you own your own shotgun, you should already have a licence.  Please bring this with you as we may ask to see it.

If we are providing equipment for you, there is no need for a licence as we have an exemption certificate allowing us to provide clay pigeon shooting facilities to people who do not possess a shotgun certificate. However, if you are banned from using a firearm as a result of a custodial prison sentence, then you cannot shoot at any clay pigeon shoot in the United Kingdom.

What type of cartridges should I bring?

We allow only fibre wad cartridges.

What should I wear?

We ask you to dress suitably for the countryside and time of the year. We recommend sturdy walking type shoes/boots.  Safety equipment (ie. safety glasses, earplugs and cap) will be provided for you. A change of footwear for lunch is essential.

What is simulated game?

Simulated Game Shooting is where we replicate a live game shoot using clay targets instead of real game birds. The targets are set to follow the path of partridge, grouse or pheasant in a ‘driven’ pattern from our unique clay trailer over the line of guns. The entire shoot is designed to give the same feel as a live game shoot.

What days can I shoot?

We shoot Saturdays and weekdays (not Sundays). You can check availability and either email or give us a call.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

We provide Gift Vouchers for clay shooting instruction and for places on Individual days.

Do I need insurance?

Not essential but most people with their own gun will have insurance.

What is the “shooting etiquette”?

In short, it’s about common sense and good manners – treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself and you won’t go far wrong. We would suggest adhering the following:

  • Put your mobile phone away
  • Listen carefully to the shoot briefing
  • Follow the shooting safety rules to the letter
  • Make sure you are on the correct peg assigned to you and follow the number card accordingly